Thunder Bird (main colour)

Wheat (accent colour)



Teal (main colour)

Shakespeare (accent colour)



Eden (main colour)

Razzmatazz (accent colour)

call to actions (thrive leads)

We are going to create call to actions. These call to actions can be maintained and altered in a central location, the Thrive Leads plugin. Make sure the customer has created the necessary categories and assigned the blogs to the new categories before proceeding.

testimonials (thrive ovation)

We are going to create testimonials. As we will have hundreds of testimonials, we want to create them in a central place, with the Thrive Ovation plugin. With labels we can determine on which page the testimonials are placed.

urgency (thrive ultimatum)

We want to work with temporary discounts, which will only be active for a period of 24 hours. This discount has to be a real discount, which will not be available anymore after 24 hours. We can do that with Thrive Ultimatum.


We want to be able to determine which problem has the highest priority, so we can direct our customer to the correct call to action. We can do that with the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin.